Episode One. Comedy: Open Mic Night

Join us as we explore the awkwardness, effusiveness, and occasional brilliance of stand up comedy, clowning, and mime.

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Podcast Notes
  • Check Out the Melbourne Comedy Festival
  • Old Sacramento Laughs Unlimited
  • Old Sacramento:
    “These 28 acres on the Sacramento’s historic waterfront were the site of both tragedy — fire and flood — and triumph — the raising of the streets, the founding of the Transcontinental Railroad, the terminus of the Pony Express, and the home of California’s first thriving business district, fueled by gold, agriculture and the river.”
  • Daniel Kitson Polyphony Show (By the way, it’s pronounced Poly-phone-ee .. haha, a pun!)
  • FACT: Women are funny.
    Jo Brand, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler, Iliza Shlesinger, Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Wig, Christina Pazsitzky
  • Hey guys, have you ever heard of the Comedy Spot? No? Well maybe you should CHECK IT OUT. They do great work there… like comedy, and improv, and they even serve alcohol!
  • The World Clown Association exists and even has a clown ministry department!
    Here’s an excerpt from the description written by Janet ”Jellybean” Tucker and Randy “Simon” Christensen:

    In the United States, this sharing of spiritual message became more widespread in the late 1970’s. Rev.Floyd Shaffer and several others took the clown into the church to do skits and services and develop a new way to look at religious truths. They also then took “Christian clowns” to visit nursing homes and hospitals. Clown Ministry was done in Christian churches then and today is still primarily a Christian concept although the antics and perceptions of the clown character can lend an interpretation to many different religious concepts. This web site may primarily give you ideas from a Christian base mainly because the vast majority of those doing clown ministry are doing it from a Christian foundation. This approach is not intended to offend or disclude anyone that may have a different religious vantage point. Simply, the current officers and participants can only teach what they know from their own experience and studies. Please understand that the process of preparing a skit or bit with a moral or message can be used in a variety of religious settings and belief systems. Clowns doing ministry may serve in a Jewish tabernacle for special occasions. Some have added a clown character to both weddings and funerals, and many are blessed when someone in the audience gets the “great AHA!” and finally understands the simplicity of the message through the clown character.

  • Garth’s clown story is of Joseph Grimaldi and can be found here.

    An excerpt from The Times in 1813: Grimaldi is the most assiduous of all imaginable buffoons and it is absolutely surprising that any human head or hide can resist the rough trials he volunteers. Serious tumbles from serious heights, innumerable kicks, and incessant beatings come on him as matters of common occurrence, and leave him every night fresh and free for the next night’s flagellation.

  • The Sad clown Story The name of the clown is Pagliacci, it is a reference to an opera of the same name but the story is from Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen:

    Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says “But Doctor… I am Pagliacci.”

  • Hannibal Lecter is actually Lithuanian and Anthony Hopkins is indeed Welsh.
  • Harangued and harassed are not synonyms. Evidently we have a limited grasp of the English language.


    A lengthy and aggressive speech:
    “They were subjected to a ten-minute harangue by two border guards.”


    Subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation:
    “If someone is being harassed at work because of their sexuality they should contact the police.”

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