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Episode Two: Mars One, and Beyond!

Join us as we inch closer to seeding our solar system with reality TV show contestants, beginning with our red neighbour: Mars! Oxygen explosions, bio-dome design flaws and cannibalistic insanity will need to be overcome in order to reach that […]

Episode One. Comedy: Open Mic Night

Join us as we explore the awkwardness, effusiveness, and occasional brilliance of stand up comedy, clowning, and mime. Check Out the Melbourne Comedy Festival Old Sacramento Laughs Unlimited Old Sacramento: “These 28 acres on the Sacramento’s historic waterfront were the […]

Episode Beta 1: Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

Join us for our first chaotic and awkward session of figuring out the format and the logistics behind home-grown, all-natural, non-GMO podcasting. In this episode we get to hear a full spectrum of emotions as we discuss fantasy authors, classical […]